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Matan Levi & Nadav Elhadad
Beersheba, Israel
Melodic Goa Trance

Matan Levi and Nadav Elhadad are not new in the scene. The Israeli duo started cooking sounds at a very young age in the late 90s but being as demanding with their output as they are decided to go into full maturation. Both trained musicians, Matan with piano and Nadav on the guitar. It is only now that they have come out for everyone to dance and rise with some of the most amazing tunes of today.
But this is not just great music, it’s conceptual, it’s a huge journey and it delivers. 
We’ve got to say it… their music feels like old school all the way! But it’s not just the music that is old school oriented and conceptualized: These guys have a keen relationship with history and are devoted to the mysteries. The music shows it well and the band name is a word play on a mysterious and crafty agreement from 1916, concocted by the Briton traveller/diplomat Sir Mark Sykes and French diplomat Francois Georges-Picot: The Sykes-Picot Agreement, between England and France with Russia on the side, which would eventually open the way for the Jews to return home to Zion.

Sykespico is rooted in the deep and thoughtful creative attitude of the two friends from Be’er Sheva.
It is only natural that they were drawn to Goa Trance through its storytelling and spirituality. They are modern ‘aoidos’ for EDM and the synthesizer is their ‘formix’. This is music full of coherent storylines, which leads to breath taking storytelling, but we don’t just have a few stories here in each tune.

In the mid nineties was very common in Portugal to group styles of Psychedelic Trance into two mystic categories: the tunes that would almost take us there and those that would make us cross to the other side of our membrane-limited minds in full ecstatic bliss. Today we clearly see that Goa Trance fits in with the latter and this is something we can observe crystal clearly in the work of Sykespico.

(extract from DJ Psara's review of Sykespico's first EP)
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