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Brice Fruyt
Paris, France
Melodic Goa Trance

Taken from Freeze Mgzn interview, december 2008:


So tell us about you. And where does the name Merr0w come from?

Merr0w: Brice, 28, single. I’m living alone, close to Paris ; I always lived there.

Ah yeah, many people ask that question : « Merr0w ? ». Merrow is actually some Gaelic: it’s like a chimera or a mermaid. In Greek mythology, a siren was any one of a group of sea nymphs who lured mariners to destruction on the rocks surrounding their island by their sweet singing.


For how long have you been a Suntrip fellow? Have you released some music already?

Merr0w: I looked for an oldschool label for quite some time, as a few years ago, only FullOn and Dark labels existed. I didn’t know where to look for, and my music wasn’t mature enough anyway. I had a few ideas but it stayed below my expectations!

I’ve known Suntrip for something like 4 years and it’s a pleasure to see such a motivated label. I already released “Utopian Society” with them on the “Twist Dreams” compilation in early 2007.

Besides, I worked with the group Moaï when I started making music.


What is your musical background? For how long have you been making music?

Merr0w: I’ve been into electronic music’s for 10 years. I love working on each and every sound to have something sounding perfectly right to my ears, and modeling it till it reaches a meaning in its own…


What is your gear made up of?

Merr0w: I have a PC with a ton of programs and some VST plugins. I also have a synthesizer, with a midi controler, a beatbox, a sampler… Nothing exceptional, it’s only a matter of know-how and patience to me.


Hearing your sound, you surely have influences.  What kinds of music (techno or not) do you listen to? Do you make a living out of music? 

Merr0w: I have a lot of interest in and I get my inspiration from movies soundtracks. I am fond of Hans Zimmer work, John Williams, and also Mark Snow’s talent. The first pioneers in the eighties too : Jean Michel Jarre, The Cure, Depeche Mode, Enigma…and thus, sometimes, I happen to compose totally different things than only psytrance music. Ok, I won’t deny I am also influenced by Pleiadians, Astral Projection and MFG..and on top of it Union Jack and that once fabulous label: Platipus!

Unfortunately, I don’t make a living out of music…yet.


How do you position yourself in the scene? What are you trying to reach?

Merr0w: I don’t know how to position myself. Maybe « yet another electronic artist », but I’d be pleased to bring something new. All I’m looking for is bringing the listener far away. Setting up a stage for him, and build a story across my tracks.


When I listen to your music, it’s like…WOW…where does it come from? Any special recipe for inspiration?

Merr0w: Well, I may be influenced by an image, a dream, some landscape, but essentially from a mix of legends, mythology, mysterious phenomena’s, or movies. I never take drugs, and I need to be totally neat when I compose or do anything else, and project myself into reaching my musical wishes. You have to know it takes me a lot of time to elaborate a track, and no matter what you say, there will always be a difference between a track finished in 4 days and another one refined for 3 months! I’m very hard with myself, constantly looking for quality, and I don’t want to compose music like other “cash-factories”.


Do you play a lot in France or abroad? Do you DJ too or only Live? What part of your live acts are actually “live”?

Merr0w: I never play in France, but if anyone from there is reading this, please don’t hesitate to book me, thanks! Else I played abroad a few times, and am going to present my album in exclusivity at the “Trance Dimensions” party in Belgium in December!

I practice mixing sometimes, but that’s only personal and I think there are many more skilled DJs to do that job.

In a Live, however, the computer must allow me to tweak my “live” sequences. Else, it deals with the set timeline, naturally. My task is to add my little unique touch by playing or controlling some sequences with some synth or midi keyboard.


What are you looking for when playing live?

Merr0w: I love being in contact with the crowd, and naturally, I love when my work has some blasting effect on the people. I wish there is alays a communion between us. 


Well, ok, so we wish you the best so that promoters will invite you to play after your album is out. So, tell us about that debut album !

Merr0w: It’s been 2 years now that I’m working on this album and I went through many ordeals with it. I had to move a few times, following a break up that literally put me “out of order” and other personal concerns after some cancelled acts. After these failures, here is nice baby to come. Its name is “Born Underwater” and it will contain 10 tracks, with names like “Atlantis”, “Mermaid’s Twin Sister”, “Aquarius”, “Blue Planet”… The album will be released by mid-january on Suntrip Records. There should be extracts of them all on by the time this interview is printed.


What message are you trying to pass? Is it an ode to the creatures of the sea?

Merr0w: What message I’m trying to pass? Oh well, that’s simple: never forget to dream, and use your imagination, fly away! And for instance, I wanted something particular in the album artwork, that would recall somehow Atlantis ruins, and all the mysteries that lie on the oceans’ floors. No one knows what could hide there.

Oh, just grab the Suntrip Mix with this magazine, find a scuba, and dive to track 4. « Poseidon Lullaby » will be released on “Born Underwater”. Despite its name, it’s a 148bpm track!


I see you’re going to be released on CD only. What’s your opinion about online music and the mp3 downloading phenomena?

Merr0w: I believe one must live in its time. You can’t stop it now. The MP3 is everywhere and so much more handy than having a CD player with you. It enables producers like me to spread their music better throughout the world. Though, it’s important to find a common ground between the artist and the listener, and that will take a lot of time! By the way, the Suntrip shop will open soon, maybe you’ll find “Born Underwater” there too.


After this album, what are your plans? Make a break? Start with more music? New directions? New collaborations?

Merr0w: Yes, I have many things in store, including tracks I had composed with that other group when I began, and that never saw the light. I think I’ll take a break anyways, and probably start with another album. I have a couple of ideas…


 Apart from that, what are your thoughts about the Psytrance scene in general?

Merr0w: Personally, I don’t understand some movements like the FullOn or the Dark psytrance. I see no musical research. All sounds are the same, this becomes pathetic. I find that scene boring; although they like it very much in France. I’m obviously not French!


And about the world? Politics? The financial crisis?

Merr0w: The world feels down, but that’s not new. Nowadays, even love is a “product”. You get married; you divorce 5 years later for anything; and you pass to the next one!

About the financial crisis, no way this was not predicable; and I have thoughts of sympathy for all these Americans that lost everything there. The positive side is when you’re at the trough of the wave, you’re bound to ride back to the crest. But when?


Where do you see yourself in 10 or 15 years?

Merr0w: Married and happy, with a Mermaid !
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