Live acts & Djs

Christer Lundstrom
Uppsala, Sweden
Dark Forest Psytrance

Ka-Sol, Swedish Christer Lundström, is a true trance veteran. He’s producing trance since 1995 !

Ka-Sol released his music in the past on many strong labels like Stone Age, Boom!, Kavator, Docklands, and of course Schlabbaduerst RekKords, which is run by friends of him. He also released music under different names, one of his alter ego’s is AHS, and he is also part of the groups Signal and Church of the New Age Hippie Disco Shit.
Last decade he played mind-blowing live sets in Belgium, Greece, Portugal, Sweden and in many more countries!

The people that can’t get enough of the typical Ka-Sol sound should keep an eye on Schlabbaduerst RekKords, as they will release a second Ka-Sol album soon with harder and darker, industrial influenced, music.
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