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Victor Solsona
Barcelona, Spain
Melodic Goa Trance

The band was formed by Victor Solsona (Barcelona) and Pedro Quijada (Bilbao). They  started experimenting with different styles, but always looking for a sound closer to its generation. Why psy-trance & progressive trance? Because after listening and experimented with a lot of styles,we met trance-music.

Since their debut album "Synthetic Resurrection" in 2009, Hypnoxock didn't stop producing and transmitting "psy-trance" music across the scene. The project is the result of years of hard work znd transmission of what its members like to do. They have some influences from traditional music and ethnic musics also the most advanced tendences, but* they never stopped investigating new sounds, textures and atmospheres, thus creating their own sound.

The Hypnoxock sound could be called "hypnotica": Goa Trance: Psychedelic Trance with aspects music,modern and actually sound, but never forgetting the essence of its own time. Psychedelic-progressive-trance & Goa at same time hypnotic, carefullyt crafted with melodies are on their identity card. It's Intelligent music that it conveys sensations and generates a real quality atmosphere.

Since 2013 Victor Solsona has been running the project alone.

Over the years, HYpnoxock released 6 albums, and was featured in many compilation. Hypnoxock played in major festivals like Ozora or Connection.

Hands in the air, minds far away, smiling faces, dust all around you Hypnoxock!

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