Live acts & Djs

Kerry Palmer, Nick Wenham, Charlie Clarke, Graham Franklin, Christer Borge Lunde
United Kingdom
Melodic Goa Trance

Dimension 5 was one of the first Goa Trance groups ever and released lots of highly acclaimed vinyls and cds. The group saw its existence in 1989, and around 1994 they released their first early Goa Trance vinyls, which they described as “space techno”. Back then the group existed out of 4 members: Charlie Clarke, Graham Franklin, Kerry Palmer and Nick Wenham. They started their own label, Intastella Records, in 1996 to have total musical freedom.

This resulted in the making of their first full album: “Transdimensional” in 1997. This piece of art is extremely wanted but unfortunately it was never decently distributed, because of that this cd became a true Goa Trance legend.

The fantastic Dimension 5 music was not only released on Intastella Records. Many of their tunes made between 1995-1998 were also featured on compilations of famous labels. (Transient Records, Psychic Deli, Leguan, Phantasm Records, BNE and many more)

in 1998 the group got an extra member; Christer Borge Lunde (also known as Ra and Electron Wave). This resulted in another album; called “Second Phaze” in the year 2000, released by an unknown label, Blue Moon in Thailand. Because of that this cd was re-released by German Velvet Inc/Nova Tekk.
After this cd Dimension 5 stopped making music, leaving a great discography behind…and great memories for all the people that were already in the Goa scene around that time!


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