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Reasonandu is Romanian artist, and a good friend of E-Mantra! And that you can hear, floating deep ambient with some more world music influences :)

Reasonandu Seven Lives (With Cosmin Culea) 6:08
Reasonandu & E-Mantra Above 6:09
Reasonandu & Adrian Enescu Peaceful Heart 6:02
Reasonandu Return Of The Prodigal Son 4:54
Eleusyn Gliese (Reasonandu Remix) 5:23
Reasonandu & Suufi Astrolab Imminent Satori 6:20
Reasonandu Nocturna 5:42
Reasonandu Mimas 6:17
Reasonandu Solaris 6:02
Reasonandu Sibyl's Vision 6:15
E-Mantra Moon Walker (Reasonandu Remix) 6:06
Reasonandu Rana 6:21


Jan 10, 2014
Sorry, not available in any format
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