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Joske Vranken
Gent, Belgium
Melodic Goa Trance
Anoebis is an old school goa-trance and ambient addicted dj, playing this kind of music as much as possible for people that love to dance hard and float around!  :)  Besides that I and Mars are also the managers of Suntrip! :)


The story of Anoebis starts in 1998. In that year I discovered goa-trance. Immediately I was SO convinced of that music that I bought all the cds I could buy! Pretty soon I had 200 cds which resulted in a first dj-set during newyear 2000.

Around that period I didn't dj alone. Mostly I played together with a friend called Dave (dj name Paprika) and together we were called PaprikanoebiS
But because Dave was too busy with his studies I played alone since 2001 and before I realised it I was playing more or less every weekend.
The first years of the new millennium were hard. Around that period I was one of the last djs playing "melodic goa trance". Because I loved that style so much and it seemed more or less dead, I and a good friend (Mars/Fabien) deceided to start our own music label called Suntrip Records. It had to concentrate only on this melodic goa trance!
Not much later melodic goa-trance started to revive in Belgium and some other countries in the world, and last few years this resulted in many parties with only "old school goa-trance" :) This meant little sleep for me, but lots of joy! And for some obscure reasons this love for melodic goa trance continues untill today! :)
To make things clear. I don't ONLY love melodic goa-trance... I like forest trance, ambient and suomi a lot as well. This resulted in many dj-sets of those particular style once in a while, but the main thing staid melodic goa-trance untill today!

I have checked on how many parties I played by now, and at the end of 2013 I will have played on more or less 400 parties in my life... Mostly in Belgium, but sometimes in Portugal, France, Holland, Germany, Sweden, Finland, Switzerland and England as well :)
Altough I'm doing this for a long time now I still love this music (it's so deep in my heart, you can not imagine) and I still love dj-ing. Nothing fulfills my heart more then a crowd dancing and smiling in the first rays of sunshine! :)

If you want to book me... :) The most easy way is to send:

- a message on facebook
- a mail to
- a message on

My price depends, but it is mostly 10 times the entrance price. The idea is simple: if you do a cheap party, I play cheap, if you do an expensive party, I am more expensive. But goa is not my income, so I am always willing to talk about the price when some things seem to be too expensive :)

Thanks for all the support last 12 years and let's go for the next 12! :)
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